Fee & Directions

Fee: Classical
2 hours450€
3 hours600€
Every additional hour150€
6 hours (1/2 overnight)900€*
6 hours (1/2 overnight)1100€*
12 hours (overnight)1400€*
1 day (24 hours)1900€*
+ 1 day1000€*
1 week (7 days)4900€*
Fee: gold
2 hours550€
3 hours700€
Every additional hour150€
6 hours (1/2 overnight)950€*
6 hours (1/2 overnight)1150€*
12 hours (overnight)1450€*
1 day (24 hours)2200€*
+ 1 day1000€*
1 week (7 days)5700€*
Honorar: Platin
2 hours750€
3 hours900€
Every additional hour150€
6 hours (1/2 overnight)1250€*
6 hours (1/2 overnight)1450€*
12 hours (overnight)1800€*
1 day (24 hours)2500€*
+ 1 day1500€*
1 week (7 days)7500€*
* We ask for your understanding that this is a, compared to the normal fee, discounted rate for direct booking or decision within the first hour.
0 - 50kmFree
From 50km30€
From 100km70€ (min. 2 Stunden Buchungsdauer)
from 150km100€ (min. 3 Stunden Buchungsdauer, 30% Vorauszahlung)
From 180km150€ (min. 4 Stunden Buchungsdauer, 30% Vorauszahlung)
From 250km (Germany)200€ (min. Overnight Buchungsdauer, 30% Vorauszahlung, zzgl. Zug / Flug)
Europe250€ (min. 1 Tag Buchungsdauer, 30% Vorauszahlung, zzgl. Zug / Flug)
WorldwideOn request (minimum 1 week booking period, 30% prepayment, plus flight)
additional services
Pärchen + Escort (Dame & Herr + Escort) pro Stunde+50€
Dreier (2 Herren + Escort) pro Stunde+100€

Other services can be requested by phone

Please note:

As a rule, no travel costs for the return trip of the escorts to the common meeting point are estimated. Exceptions are dates which are associated with longer travel times for the women. In such cases, there may be a small travel cost contribution or the required minimum booking time from a distance of 100 km. Please inform yourself about this under travel expenses.

  • The escorts want the fee to be handed over at the beginning of the encounter, but at the latest after the first quarter of an hour.

  • Should you wish to extend the meeting, you are always welcome to add additional time.
  • The fee is understood as compensation for the hourly expenses of the escort lady and includes the placement activity of our agency.

appointment booking


24h / day and 7 days / week

Phone service

10:00 - 13:00 & 17:00 - open end

Telephone service in German and English